MyPlus Recruiters' Club 2018 Disability Progress Award winners

Windsor, UK – MyPlus Recruiters’ Club (MPRC) is an innovative membership forum for organisations to gain and share insights, build greater disability confidence and realise the possibilities of opening up graduate recruitment to students with disabilities.

MyPlus Recruiters’ Club launched their Disability Progress Awards at its Recruiters' Club Annual Reception on the 9th May. With over 13% of students, a staggering 185% of students in higher education having a disability last year, MyPlus introduced the Disability Progress Awards to recognise the real progress some of its members, and their employees, have made around disability. The winners have demonstrated that they realise that by being inclusive and embracing the plus’s that a disability can bring it makes good business sense to recruit and develop this huge talent pool.

The award winners and the categories were;

Barclays for the MyPlus Students’ Club Best Company ProfileAward which recognises a company that has taken on board advice to help them effectively engage with disabled students and proactively market themselves as employers of choice to this talent pool. Barclays were chosen for having disability at the forefront of their profile on the MyPlus Students' Club website. Everything they talk about, from the organisation, the top tips for applying and interviews through to workplace support, is focused on disability. View Barclays profile 

Linklaters, James Phoenix for The Most Powerful Personal Story Award which recognises that stories aren’t just important when it comes to engaging with disabled students, or showcasing internally the approach to disability, they are crucial. The winner of this award brought this to life, show casing their employer’s inclusive culture and support they can, and do, provide. James’s story was chosen for its openness and honesty as well as for helping to raise the aspirations of others and encouraging them to be open to gain support they require. Read it

Baker McKenzie, Adam Dempsey for The Best Disability Speaker/Advocate Award which acknowledges an individual who has taken the courageous step to speak about their disability. When employees feel comfortable speaking about disability, it demonstrates that the employer is providing the right environment where employees feel supported. A culture of openness will allow people to bring their whole self to work. Adam was chosen for not just being open in his work place but for also speaking publicly about his situation and his experiences.

Hogan Lovells for Most Progressed Inclusive Recruitment Award which recognises a company who has taken the steps to fully understand if they are barrier free for disabled applicants by objectively auditing their process through a disability lense and implementing the recommendations. Hogan Lovells were chosen for demonstrating that they recognise inclusive recruitment is absolutely key if they are serious about talent. Taking the brave step of admitting that they may not have been as inclusive as they thought and being prepared to hear the results and act on them, is exactly what they have done. Particularly impressive are the changes they have made to their website in order to better engage with disabled applicants. 

EY for Most Successful Business-wide Engagement Award. This award recognises a company who has taken on board advice and made real sustainable progress in attracting individuals to an organisation by approaching disability from a firm wide perspective. EY were chosen for this award for demonstrating that they have engaged EY as a whole, leveraging resources available to them drawing on EYs approach to disability as a whole and show casing this and their people to better attract disabled individuals


MyPlus Recruiters’ Club provides employers with the knowledge, confidence and support they require to attract, recruit and develop students with disabilities or long-term health conditions. 



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