Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that having a disability or long-term health condition doesn't prevent anyone from having the career that they want to have

We want disabled individuals to realise their career ambitions and employers to benefit from the unique talents and strengths that disabled individuals can, and do, bring to an organisation. 

We use the term 'disabled' in the broadest sense

The term is used to include anyone who may face additional challenges in the workplace, be that a learning difficulty, a physical impairment or a mental health condition. 

We support employers as they seek to understand and address issues surrounding disability within their organisation

Much of what we do focuses on helping employers to realise new possibilities through the recruitment and development of disabled talent, with a particular focus on students and graduates. 

Connecting students with disabilities with employers who value talent

We help students with disabilities discover job opportunities with disability confident employers, access recruiter contacts and companies of their choice and provide advice, guidance and support on the application and hiring process. 

If you are a disabled individual looking to progress your career potential join the MyPlus Students’ Club website to gain access to all the free advice and support available. Please note we do not offer one to one advice and support.

We are delighted to be a partner of My Plus Consulting and over the last few years have seen visible results. Since our partnership we have seen an increase in both the number of applications from individuals disclosing they have a disability; as well as an increase in the number of trainees hired.
— Lucy Crittendo, Graduate Recruitment Manager, Reed Smith

MyPlus Consulting works with organisations to provide them with the expertise to be disability confident in their strategy, their processes and their engagement with disabled individuals. 

MyPlus Recruiters Club offers graduate recruiters an expert forum to gain and share insights, build greater disability confidence and realise the possibilities of opening up graduate recruitment to students with disabilities. 

MyPlus Students' Club brings together work-ready disabled students, universities and graduate employers by providing students with disabilities advice, support and confidence to find opportunities, approach relevant organisations and go on to realise new possibilities with progressive employers. 

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