Recruiters' Club Member Information

Partnership Agreement

By becoming a member of the MyPlus Recruiters' Club there are a few things we make you aware of and ask you to commit to. In the same respect MyPlus also makes commitments to you. These are all contained within the Partnership Agreement document which will be sent to you when you sign up to the MyPlus Recruiters' Club. For a copy, email 


Working in Partnership

Demonstrate that you are a disability confident employer and raise your profile as a disability confident company using our 'Working in Partnership' logos.


We encourage Recruiters’ Club members to use the Students’ Club logo in any communications targeted at students, such as collateral, careers brochures, careers websites or emails to candidates. Displaying the logo is an excellent way to demonstrate that you are a disability confident employer and will encourage potential applicants to visit your profile on our MyPlus Students' Club website. The Recruiters’ Club logo would be used where you wish to raise your profile as a disability confident company. For example on the Disability/Diversity section of your website/intranet or on external communications such as email signatures or tender documents. It is up to you what you think is most appropriate depending on who you audience is.  For a high or low resolution version of these logos email


Our calendar of events is available to view on the website, enabling you to plan ahead. 6 weeks prior to each event you will receive an invitation email with details of how to register. If you register for an event, this will be followed by an email a week before the event with the final details of logistics for the day.   

Anyone from your company can attend the events within your membership allocation. For a reminder of the number of complimentary places you are entitled to see the 2019 membership benefits on the Membership Package page. If you joined or renewed in 2018 please email for a reminder.

Consulting Days

Platinum and Gold members are entitled to In-house training or Consulting, dependent on the membership level. Helen Cooke, Director of MyPlus, will contact you in the early stages of your membership to discuss how you wish to progress.


Platinum and Gold members have access to two toolkits:

MyPlus Student Recruitment Toolkit
MyPlus Student Marketing Toolkit

Available as interactive pdfs that are password protected they can be shared with colleagues within your organisation who would benefit from the content and/or will play an integral part in progressing your disability agenda. The Toolkits are exclusive to members of the MyPlus Recruiters' Club and we ask you not to pass them on to anyone outside of your organisation.

If you are Platinum or Gold Recruiters' Club members, email
for the passwords.

MyPlus Student Recruitment Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to help you understand what being a disability confident student recruiter means in practice, and what the practical steps are to achieve this.

The toolkit provides a step-by-step guide to achieving disability confidence in each of the 8 key focus areas allowing you to easily understand what you need to do, and enables you to measure your own progress. 

View the toolkit

As well as an in-depth interactive pdf version this toolkit is also available in a ‘Quick Reference Guide’ desktop summary version.  Platinum and Gold Recruiters' Club members are entitled to 2 copies of the Desktop 'Quick Reference Guide'. New members will receive these in the post. Email if you wish to purchase more copies.  

MyPlus Student Marketing Toolkit 

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide you with information, resources and guidance to enable you to effectively market yourselves as employers of choice to the growing number of students who have a disability.

The toolkit consists of various ‘tools’ including; a guide to engaging with disabled students, disability briefing notes for campus representatives, a slide for marketing presentations, an A5 flyer that can be branded and disability-related FAQs which can be used on employer’s careers websites. The toolkit also includes use of the MyPlus Students’ Club logo enabling employers to link through to their profile on the MyPlus Students’ Club. 

View the toolkit

MyPlus Students' Club

Members of the MyPlus Recruiters’ Club have the opportunity to showcase your business as a disability confident employer on the MyPlus Students’ Club website. The different membership options allow MyPlus Recruiters’ Club members to create a company profile and advertise jobs and careers event on the Students’ Club website. We also encourage you to include case studies of employees with disabilities in your profile. Inclusive benefits can be viewed on the Membership Package page.

Upon completing your membership sign up form, the main person you have provided for the Students’ Club will be contacted by our MyPlus Students’ Club Content Manager, to start the process of completing your profile. Dependent on your membership package you can add job and careers events adverts throughout your membership year.
Complete the documents below and email to to do so.

Jobs Proforma Form -  The MyPlus Students’ Club Jobs Listings page enables you to attract a wider talent pool by advertising jobs to students and graduates with disabilities.
Download the Jobs Proforma form to tell us about the job you are advertising for

Events Proforma Form - Featuring your careers, campus and digital events on the MyPlus Students’ Club website is a great way to engage with disabled students. Your event will appear in your employer profile and on the events page on the MyPlus Students’ Club website.
Download the Events Proforma form to tell us about your event

Employee Stories Proforma Form - One of the most powerful ways to demonstrate your commitment to being an employer of choice for individuals with disabilities is through role models. Employees who are pursuing their career ambitions in spite of disability can share their experience and offer advice to graduates on your employer profile. Employee stories will also appear in the MyPlus Students’ Club stories page on the website.
Download the Employee Stories Proforma form for your employee to complete

Recruiters' Club Member Newsletter

On a quarterly basis we send our Recruiters’ Club newsletter to the main contacts you have provided for the Recruiters’ Club and Students’ Club. If you wish to add other key people from your organisation to the mailing list send their email address to

We also have a non-member MyPlus Newsletter.

As a member if you have any questions about your membership or the Recruiters’ Club membership program contact