MyPlus Recruiters' Club launches Disability Confident Student Marketing Toolkit

Windsor, UK - MyPlus, one of the UK’s leading authorities in disability recruitment and development, launched its Disability Confident Student Marketing Toolkit to business members of the Recruiters’ Club on September 3rd.

The MyPlus Disability Confident Student Marketing Toolkit provides information, resources and guidance to employers to enable them to effectively market themselves as employers of choice to the growing number of students who have a disability. 

Helen Cooke Founder and Director of MyPlus said ‘This is the second Toolkit we have launched for Recruiters’ Club members following the launch of the Disability Confident Student Recruitment Toolkit in May 2017. This next toolkit provides a more in-depth guide for employers in marketing themselves to students with disabilities. The toolkit is an exclusive benefit for MyPlus Recruiters’ Club members’.

The Guide consists of various ‘tools’ which include: a guide to engaging with disabled students, disability briefing notes for campus representatives, a slide for marketing presentations, an A5 flyer that can be branded and disability-related FAQs which can be used on employer’s careers websites. The toolkit also includes use of the MyPlus Students’ Club logo enabling employers to link through to their profile on the MyPlus Students’ Club. The MyPlus Students’ Club offers careers advice and support to students with disabilities and long-term health conditions; it also enables employers to market themselves as employers of choice to disabled students.

About MyPlus Recruiters’ Club
MyPlus Recruiters’ Club offers businesses an expert forum to gain and share insights, build greater disability confidence and realise the possibilities of opening-up graduate recruitment to students with disabilities.

About MyPlus
MyPlus work with businesses to help them realise the new possibilities of recruiting and developing people with disabilities, providing them with the expertise to be disability confident in their strategy, their processes and their engagement with disabled individuals. With our specialist focus on graduates we bring together work ready disabled students, universities and progressive employers by providing students with disabilities the advice, support and confidence to find opportunities, approach relevant organisations and go on to realise new possibilities with disability confident employers. 


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