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Hosted by Reed Smith, Central London

Everyone loves an event! Events are seen as a great way to gather momentum for an organisation’s new disability strategy, focus or network. High profile disabled individuals, whether a Paralympian, injured war veteran, actor / actress or TV host, are a great pull in terms of getting employees together to hear about the firm’s plans. However, what do they really achieve? Very little if done in isolation and without being part of a wider company strategy with buy-in from across the organisation. All too often the speaker’s chosen topic isn’t easily relatable to in the workplace and, as a result, very little momentum is gathered. 

To make sustainable progress, a firm must position disability confidence as business critical; it is not a ‘nice to do’ but instead an absolute necessity in terms of recruiting and retaining talent, competitive advantage and public reputation. But how do you achieve this and how, in student recruitment, do you gain the support required from across the organisation in order to make sustainable progress when it comes to recruiting disabled individuals? 

In this workshop delegates will develop their knowledge to be able to gain momentum regards recruiting disabled students, gaining the support of hiring managers and leveraging support from across the organisation. There will be the opportunity to hear from other employers about their approach and what they consider to be the critical success factors.


  • What does sustainable progress look like?

  • Overcoming challenges and making progress

  • Leveraging the resources available to you

    • How to gain the support from within your organisation

  • Sharing best practice

    • Hear what other firms are doing

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