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Are you realising the potential of disabled talent? Building the confidence to progress


Hosted by UBS, Central London

An exclusive event for employers on building your knowledge to progress your disability recruitment strategy and realise the business benefits.

With diversity being a number one priority for most businesses and competition for the best talent at an all time high, targeting the talents of disabled individuals will either already be a key part of your strategy or will no doubt feature somewhere in your future plans.

The latest figures show over 18% of the working age population (over 11.4 million people) and 14% of students have a disability or long-term health condition. Many of this talent pool will have developed unique strengths and talents, such as resilience, problem solving and influencing, in order to manage their disability in a world that is rarely accessible; and these are all skills that employers rank highly when they are looking to recruit.

By recognising the value that disabled individuals can bring, and recruiting as widely as possible, you can select from the broadest talent pool and not only address skills shortages but also gain many other significant business benefits.

However, understanding how to go about opening-up your recruitment processes to disabled individuals can be daunting. Even the most progressive employers don’t always have the capability and skills to recruit and develop disabled people with confidence.

This event will be an opportunity to hear from leading disability recruitment expert, Helen Cooke, who will talk about the business benefits that can, and are, being gained by organisations embracing disability as part of their diversity strategies. You will also hear real life experiences from disabled individuals and from our host, UBS, on how they are successfully progressing their disability agenda.

Helen will also provide an introduction into how to successfully tap into disabled talent. Whether you are already on your disability journey or considering your first steps you will gain an insight into some of the key areas that need to be considered when engaging with, and recruiting, individuals with a disability or health condition

This event is appropriate for individuals who are responsible for progressing the diversity and /or disability agenda within their organisation, whether that be Diversity & Inclusion, Talent or People progression.


Part 1 – Realising the potential

9.00 AM to 10.45 AM

The Business Case: Why focus on disabled talent?
Helen Cooke, Director, MyPlus
The business case for being disability confident goes much further than being legally compliant under the equality act. Disability confidence adds clear value to employees, the business, customers, and local communities. Leading expert in Disability Recruitment Helen Cooke will talk about the critical success factors and the real business benefits that can and are being gained from the growing opportunity of focusing on disability. Highlighting the current situation in the UK Helen will talk about the talents that disabled individuals can bring to an employer and the progress that is being made by organisations and industry sectors her organisation MyPlus works with.

Bringing the subject to life: Real life experiences
An opportunity to hear from an employer embracing disability on how they are driving their disability agenda and how their business is benefiting. You will also gain an understanding from two individuals on how they deal with a disability on a daily basis, by providing an insight into how their disability affects them and how they manage it in their work and study places.

  • An employer perspective, John Robarts, UK HR Business Partner, UBS

  • An employee perspective, James Phoenix, Linklaters

  • A student perspective, Will More

To read more about the speakers click here

Part 2 - Tapping into disabled talent: An introduction to disability and recruitment

11.00 AM – 12.30 PM

Recruiting disabled individuals isn’t actually that hard; as with any target group there needs to be understanding, a plan of action and effective execution.

This session will provide a whistle stop tour of the key areas that need to be considered when engaging with, and recruiting, individuals with a disability or health condition.

Having covered what constitutes a disability, delegates will have the opportunity to build their understanding about this talent pool and particularly the challenges they may during the recruitment process. Delegates will be challenged to consider how inclusive their recruitment process is, before moving on to how they provide support and adjustment. Finally, there will be the opportunity to consider ‘doing the right thing’ in terms of ensuring our language, behaviours and etiquette are appropriate.

The session will be delivered by Helen Cooke, Director, MyPlus and will cover the following areas and will be delivered in an interactive style, providing delegates with plenty of opportunity to ask questions:

  • What is ‘disability’?

  • Understanding your talent pool:
    - The challenges and questions of disabled applicants
    - ‘Openness’

  • An inclusive recruitment process

  • Providing support and adjustments throughout the recruitment process

  • Doing the right thing’: appropriate language and behaviours


If you are interested in attending this event please email for further information.