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Real life: Me, my disability and the workplace


Hosted by Baker McKenzie; Central London

All of us need to be managed and supported in the workplace in order that we are able to do our best and fulfill our potential. And, at times, many of us need additional support for whatever reason. However, the support required by an individual with a disability or health condition can be very different to what the majority of employees require, and it can be difficult to envisage what this looks like. We talk about reasonable adjustments but what is reasonable, what types of adjustments should we be providing, how do we source them and how do they work in practice?

For this Breakfast Seminar, we will be joined by a number of individuals who will talk about their own disability or health condition, and how they manage this in the workplace. As well as focusing on the adjustments they have benefited from, they will also talk about how they manage their disability with their manager, colleagues and clients. It will also be an opportunity to learn how different organisations approach support in the workplace and to hear best practice.

Our Breakfast Seminars are designed so that our speakers spend time with the delegates in small groups of 5 or 6 enabling plenty of opportunities to engage in conversations and for delegates to ask the questions that are important to them. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn more about disabilities and conditions that are currently a mystery to most of us and the session will build your knowledge in order that you have a better understanding of adjustments and considerations in the workplace.


o Disability and student life
Helen Cooke, Director, My Plus Consulting, will start the seminar by sharing some insights she has gained in this area.

o First hand experience
In small groups, individuals will talk about their personal experiences of having a disability and the implications for themselves.

o Discussion
This is the opportunity for delegates to discuss in more depth what they have heard and to consider how individuals can best be supported in the workplace.

Breakfast Seminars are exclusively for members of the Recruiters’ Club. They are ideal for anyone wishing to build their understanding of different types of disabilities and the impact it can have on the individual in their studies, extra curricular activities and the workplace.

MyPlus Recruiters’ Club Platinum and Gold members are entitled to 2 complimentary places. If space permits additional places may be available to Platinum and Gold members. Alternatively, additional places may be purchased by members at a reduced price of £175 +VAT

Silver members may purchase places at a reduced price of £175 + VAT. Contact to purchase places.