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So you think your inclusive? Put your process under the spotlight: Ensuring your recruitment process is inclusive


Workshop hosted by Macfarlanes; Central London

The term ‘disability confidence’ in relation to recruitment is often used yet rarely elaborated upon or explained. Do we really understand what inclusive recruitment means? Do we know what we need to do to ensure we are fully inclusive? Are we confident that there are no unintended barriers in our recruitment process?

No organisation intentionally excludes anyone from their recruitment process or has unintended barriers that prevent individuals from demonstrating their potential. However, to be totally confident that you aren’t unintentionally excluding disabled individuals you need to examine every part of your process to ensure it is barrier-free.

This workshop will help employers understand what being an inclusive, disability confident student recruiter means in practice. Delegates will be challenged to consider all parts of their process, starting with their strategy and moving through areas including attraction, screening and implementing adjustments to ensure that each and every part of their process is fair and inclusive.

By the end of the workshop, delegates will have begun to identify potential barriers in their process and be knowledgeable about how to remove these. The interactive style of the workshop will ensure that there are opportunities to learn from other recruiters about how they have made progress in this challenging area and to share best practice.


o    ‘Disability confidence’ in recruitment: what does this mean?

o    Identifying unintended barriers in your recruitment process:

§  Your strategy

§  Attraction

§  Applications & Screening

§  Providing support

§  Interviews

§  Onboarding

o    Addressing the barriers to ensure an inclusive process

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