Recruiting disabled talent: Employee experiences impact application choices

Author, Lise Austen, Business & Marketing Manager, MyPlus Consulting & MyPlus Recruiters’ Club

It has been found that 70% of people now look to reviews prior to making any career decisions * highlighting that young people trust reviews from their peers and like to read first-hand what it’s like to work at specific employers before they apply.

For employers looking to target disabled students this is key. Having publicly available employee stories should be a major part of their Disability Recruitment Strategy if they are to ensure that their organisation is being considered by the increasing talent pool of disabled applicants. By encouraging their existing employees with disabilities to share their experience of working for them, they can give young disabled individuals the valuable information they require as part of their selection process and thereby ensure that they are attracting the talents of these individuals.

Not only is this important from the disabled persons perspective to help them build their confidence and feel happy about applying for a job at a specific organisation, it is also key from the employer’s point of view. For the employer, when building a Disability Recruitment Strategy, it is important for them to have knowledge of the real-life experiences of disabled applicants, to gain an insight into how a disability can affect an employee and how they can manage it in their workplace and study place.

One of the most visited pages on the MyPlus Students’ Club website, which is our free online resource providing careers advice and support for disabled students, is the 200+ stories from employees sharing how they manage their disability in the workplace on a day-to-day basis. These stories bring to life how ‘great with disability’ the employers are. Their employee profiles demonstrate that they actually do what they say they do when it comes to recruiting and supporting disabled individuals.

The more disabled students, employees and employers share stories of managing disabilities at work or whilst studying the easier it will be for disabled individuals to fulfill their career aspiration and be recognised as talent by employers.

To read the employee stories on the MyPlus Students’ Club website visit:

* Source: Glassdoor