Disability confidence improves employer brands

Author, Lise Austen, Business & Marketing Manager, MyPlus Consulting & MyPlus Recruiters’ Club

The marketplace is predicting that in 2019 many employers will continue to have to compete in an increasingly tough marketplace, typified by skills shortages, and that they will need to differentiate by improving the candidate experience. Employer branding has for a number of years been reported as a key trend to enable differentiation in attracting talented candidates.

With 13% of students in the UK having a disability or health condition last year, for companies targeting graduates, this is more than 1 in 8 of their talent pool and is equivalent to 185,000 students. By ensuring that disabled students are included in their talent acquisition process not only will this help address the current skills shortage in the market by ensuring that the widest talent pool is being targeted, it will also highlight they are an inclusive employer; this, in turn, will also improve the company’s brand.

One of the most effective ways for a company to demonstrate that they are inclusive of those with a disability is by encouraging employees with disabilities to speak for them. What others say about an organisation holds more value, and is more credible, than what they say about themselves.

At MyPlus we advocate ‘sharing stories’ as being key to building employer branding and improving the candidate experience, particularly when targeting disabled individuals. Employees sharing their own experiences of how they manage their own disability in the workplace, and the support that you as an employer provide, is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate you are a company people want to work for. Not only does this make you an attractive employer to disabled individuals but it will also have a favourable impact on all potential candidates.

Many of the companies we work with encourage their employees from all levels within the organisation to share first hand insights about working at that organisation, whether as a graduate or professional, with disability. Disabled students applying for roles are more likely to feel comfortable about being open about their own disability when they can see examples others who have been open about their disability and were successful with their application.

On our Students’ Club website, a resource which provides advice for students with disabilities throughout the process of applying for jobs, employers are able to showcase their disabled employees who have been willing to share their story. To read some of the many inspiring stories click here

Businesses who are able to communicate a strong employer brand will not lose out on attracting the very best talent. Disability Confidence can improve an employer’s brand. By being disability confident businesses will have the opportunity to recruit from the broadest talent pool despite the competitive marketplace.