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The tools for true inclusivity: Inclusive recruitment toolkit: what it means in practice


Tuesday 12th June; 9.15am – 1.00pm
Disability Café
Hosted by Hogan Lovells; Central London

The term ‘inclusive recruitment’ is often used yet rarely elaborated upon or explained. Do we really understand what inclusive recruitment means, and what we actually need to do to ensure we are fully inclusive? The MyPlus Student Recruitment Toolkit brings inclusive recruitment to light and helps employers understand what being a disability confident student recruiter means in practice.

Starting with your strategy and moving through areas including attraction, screening and onboarding, the toolkit provides a step-by-step guide to achieving disability confidence. For each of the eight key focus areas are practical steps guiding employers through what they need to do, and enabling them to measure their own progress.

During this Café Helen Cooke, Director of MyPlus, took delegates through the different parts of the toolkit and provided them with the insights to consider where they currently benchmark. Whether delegates had already embarked on their journey, or were just setting out, they had the opportunity to consider what steps they needed to take in order to move towards becoming fully disability confident. By the end of the Café, they had the start of a plan highlighting the actions they needed to take to progress in this area.

Click here for the summary slides of the event

The Student Recruitment Toolkit is exclusive to Platinum and Gold members of the MyPlus Recruiters’ Club.