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Dive into the whole talent pool:Disability & student recruitment made easy


Hosted by Hogan Lovells; Central London

Progressive employers recognise that if they genuinely want to attract and recruit the very best talent they have to be truly inclusive; and this obviously includes those who have a disability. Last year 13% of students had a disability and being able to leverage this talent pool obviously dramatically increases the talent pool for any employer.

Many employers continue to say that engaging with disabled students is challenging and, as a result, are not making sustainable progress in this area. However, in reality, this need not be the case. As with any target group that you wish to engage with there needs to be understanding, a plan of action and effective execution.

This workshop will build the knowledge, confidence and ability of the delegates to attract and recruit disabled students, and ensure they are able to provide the relevant support required throughout the recruitment process.

The workshop will be delivered in an interactive style and will provide the delegates with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss the key issues. The format will also enable delegates to learn from other recruiters working in this challenging space.



o    ‘Disability’: what does this include?

o    Understanding your talent pool:

- The challenges and questions of disabled applicants

- ‘Openness’

o    An inclusive recruitment process

o    Providing support and adjustments throughout the recruitment process

o    ‘Doing the right thing’: appropriate language and behaviours.

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