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Introduction To Disability & Student Recruitment

Draw on your experience workshop

Hosted by Baker McKenzie

Progressive employers recognise that if they really want to attract and recruit the very best talent they have to be truly inclusive; and that obviously includes those who have a disability. The number of graduates with a disability has increased 265% over the last decade and this number will continue to grow. If employers are not inclusive of disabled students they will miss out on an ever-increasing talent pool.

Employers continue to say that disability is the area where they struggle the most to increase the diversity of their graduate intakes. However recruiting disabled students isn’t actually that hard. As with any target group there needs to be understanding, a plan of action and effective execution.

This workshop will take place between 2:30pm – 5:30pm.

It will build the confidence and ability of the delegates to attract and recruit disabled students, and ensure they are appropriately supported throughout the recruitment process and that adjustments are efficiently implemented.

The workshop will be delivered in an interactive style and will provide the delegates with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. The format will also enable delegates to learn from other recruiters working in this challenging space.


  • What is ‘disability’?
  • Understanding your talent pool:
    • The challenges and questions of disabled applicants
    • Openness
  • An inclusive attraction strategy
  • Providing support and adjustments throughout the recruitment process
  • Doing the right thing: appropriate language and behaviours

To register your interest in this event please email or call +44 (0)1753 360 018.