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Benchmarking: Are You Leading The Way Or Bringing Up The Rear

Graduate Recruiter’s Breakfast Seminar 9 (BS’9)
Hosted by National Grid

With many of the members of the Graduate Recruiters Disability Café Club (GRDCC) having worked on their disability agenda for a good 4+ years, it was pertinent for them to ask how effective their activities had been? How they compared to other organisations? Where they were doing well? And what were the areas where they could do better?

Helen Cooke, Director of My Plus Consulting, facilitated the 9th GRDCC Breakfast Seminar. This seminar provided delegates with the opportunity to consider the progress they had made to date and to highlight the areas that still needed attention. To be most effective, it was deemed pertinent to concentrate on 4 key areas over which they had the ability to influence. These were:

  • Website information
  • Recruitment and attraction events
  • Adjustment process
  • Confidence of your people

For each area, delegates were given information on what Basic, Silver and Gold standard looked like and were asked to mark where they though their firm scored. They were also asked to identify the areas where they thought they were doing well, and to identify 1 or 2 areas where change / action was required. Group discussions and feedback enabled the delegates to hear what other organisations were doing and to re-mark themselves as appropriate.

By the end of the seminar, delegates had looked at each of the 4 areas in depth and had highlighted the specific areas that required focus by their organisation. They also had clear sight of what Gold Standard looked like and what they would need to do to achieve it.

Aware that too much to focus on can lead to utter confusion, Helen suggested that the delegates reflected on their learnings and formed an action plan. She also suggested they identify the areas to work on that would generate the biggest return on their investment of time and resources.

Thank you to National Grid who kindly hosted this Breakfast Seminar.