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So You Think You Are Inclusive?

Graduate Recruiter’s Breakfast Seminar 8 (BS’8)
Hosted by PwC

No organisation has a recruitment process that intentionally has barriers that excludes any individual from progressing through their process if they have the ability to do so. However when it comes to disabled applicants, are organisations still so sure that there aren’t any barriers, identified or otherwise, that would prevent disabled applicants from demonstrating their potential?

This breakfast seminar built on June’s Disability Cafe that had explored the real experiences of disabled candidates as they navigate through a recruitment process. Helen Cooke, Director of My Plus Consulting, kicked off the seminar by ensuring the delegates really understood the meaning of the term ‘inclusive’. They were then challenged to examine their own processes and identify any areas that were a potential cause for concern.

The 6 areas that delegates focused on were:

  • Website information: including their ability to make adjustments and / or provide support.
  • Screening applications.
  • Ease of being contacted.
  • Efficiency of adjustment process.
  • Encouraging openness.
  • Disability confidence of all stakeholders.

Following discussion in small groups, delegates shared their conversations and insights. During the feedback session it was clear that the delegates had challenged themselves to think broadly about inclusive recruitment and had identified areas of concern in their own process.

Some of the areas highlighted include:

  • In addition to having a named point of contact on the website, also include their area of expertise.
  • Information about the recruitment process available on the website.
  • Testimonials from previous candidates regard their experience with that firm.
  • Encouraging openness from the start.
  • Addressing questions about disability in the FAQ section of the website.
  • Attention to detail during the screening of the application.

By the end of the seminar delegates had gained a really thorough understanding of what was meant by inclusive recruitment and of the potential barriers that existed for disabled applicants.

Whilst a good start had been made in terms of challenging how inclusive their recruitment process was, Helen advised that delegates continued what they had started and continued to really challenge their process. Helen also offered to work with them to carry out an audit of their recruitment process in order to be certain that any unintended barriers be identified and removed.

Thank you to PWC for hosting this breakfast seminar at their offices in Moore London.