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Disability, Confidence and Talent

Hosted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch

The workshop will include the following areas:

  • Understanding what is included under the term ‘disability’.
  • Knowledge of duties and responsibilities under The Equality Act.
  • Building confidence in our language and behaviours when interacting with disabled people.
  • Managing disability in the workplace: implementing adjustments.
  • Exploring some of the key issues.

The workshop will be delivered by Helen Cooke, who will draw upon her personal experiences of being disabled to bring the subject to life.

The workshop will take an interactive style using a blend of discussion, group work and feedback in an environment set up to be supportive. Delegates will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions about disability that they may previously have not felt comfortable to ask. The workshop will provide the delegates with a number of practical proven solutions to common challenges faced in attracting, recruiting and managing disabled employees.

Who should attend?

This event is for anyone who wishes to build their confidence to recruit, manage and support disabled individuals. It is suitable for anyone who is new to the subject of disability as well as serving as a refresher for those who feel they would like it; this may include managers, individuals working in human resources or recruitment and disability and diversity champions.

If you are looking to run disability training in-house, it is an ideal way for you to find out about the types of courses available.


The investment required for this course is £225 + VAT per person.