Lise Austen, Business and Marketing Manager MyPlus Consulting & MyPlus Recruiters' Club

Lise is responsible for the Marketing for MyPlus Consulting and MyPlus Recruiters’ Club. Lise also manages the membership and event organisation for the Recruiters’ Club.

Prior to joining MyPlus, Lise worked for Hewlett-Packard for 11 years in a variety of customer facing roles, which included Partner Management, Business Development and Strategic Industry Marketing. Lise then ran her own Retail business for 6 years before joining MyPlus in October 2016.

Lise gained an Engineering degree in a very male dominated environment at Oxford Brookes University back in the nineties and passionately believes if you are enjoying what you are doing you will excel, even if you are battling against the odds. She is inspired by the people with disabilities who tell us their stories of how their disability has given them a plus and helped them thrive in their supportive work environments.  In her free time Lise enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Being half Danish she is fluent in the language and spends most of her holidays in Denmark and loves the Danish way of life!