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A meeting of minds on mental health: Seeing past the stigma to realise the talent


Wednesday 12th September; 9.15am – 1.00pm

Disability Café

Hosted by Motability Operations; Central London

The importance of mental health remains a key issue for employers, and particularly graduate recruiters. Research carried out by the NUS found that eight out of ten students said they had experienced poor mental health in their final year at university; a third of the respondents also said they had had suicidal thoughts.

These students are bright, hard working and ambitious. They have developed skills such as resilience, self awareness and empathy to manage their situation; skills that employers look for in abundance in their employees. To attract them to the workplace and enable them to succeed employers need to not only understand the pressures and anxieties that are experienced in the transition from education to employment, but also provide the support required to enable individuals to excel in the tough environments that they will invariably find themselves in.

During this Café, experts will shed light on this complex subject and help us to understand what we are actually talking about when we talk about ‘mental health’. We will also look at the potential causes of poor mental health amongst young people, as well as considering the challenges individuals face both in terms of being open about their mental health with potential employers and requesting the support they require.

Individuals who have experienced mental health issues will reveal their concerns of entering employment; they will provide real and honest insights into a subject that continues to be a huge taboo – both in and out of the workplace. Employers will also share best practice in terms of reducing the stigma that exists around mental health, how they have encouraged openness and how they provide ongoing support for their employees.

By attending this Café you will learn more about the subject of mental ill health and in doing so remove the fear and silence that exists around this subject. It will build your confidence to have relevant conversations with your applicants and employees enabling them to have the support they require to excel in their role.


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