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The secret of instant attraction: A Recruiter’s guide to marketing to disabled students


Disability Café

7th March; 9.15am – 1.00pm

Hosted by Pinsent Masons; Central London

People are an organisation’s most important asset. Progressive employers recognise that they have to select from the broadest pool of candidates if they are to select the very best talent they can; this obviously includes those with a disability or long-term health condition. Yet, despite recognising the importance of being inclusive of this talent pool, many organisations continue to find it challenging to successfully engage with the 11.5% of students who have a disability and recruit them into their organisation. In reality however, it’s not that hard.

The key is to be clear about what you want to achieve, have a plan of how to get there, develop the expertise to execute it, and to have identified and allocated the resources required for success. In addition, as with any attraction strategy, you also need to understand the talent pool you are wishing to engage with in order to ensure that your messaging is relevant and effective.

During this Disability Café Helen Cooke, Director of MyPlus Consulting, will share her expertise around what does and doesn’t work when it comes to engaging with disabled graduates. This will include areas such as website content, inclusive engagement events, partnerships on campus and engaging collateral. The interactive style of the Café will ensure there are opportunities to learn from other recruiters about how they have made progress in this challenging area and to share best practice.

Whether you are new to this area of engaging with disabled graduates or have a level of existing expertise, this Café will enable you to increase your knowledge and gain practical, useful and realistic ways to be more effective in this area.

MyPlus Recruiters’ Club Platinum members are entitled to 2 complimentary places and MyPlus Recruiters’ Club Gold members are entitled to 1 complimentary place at Disability Cafés.

Additional places may be purchased by members at a reduced price of £175 +VAT

Silver members may also purchase places at a reduced price of £175 + VAT

Non-members may purchase places at a price of £350 + VAT.

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