Be an all-inclusive talent spotter

Hosted by Channel 4

With the number of students at university who had a disability or health condition at an all time high (11.5%), overlooking this talent pool is no longer an option. Employers in search of the very best talent must be inclusive if they are to remain progressive.

Whilst engaging with disabled students and encouraging them to apply for graduate opportunities remains one of the key challenges faced by many organisations,in reality,it’s not that hard.

As a whole,disabled students have the same wants, needs and aspirations about their career as any other students does; they also search for careers in the same way. However their disability brings an additional dimension to the mix and must to be taken into consideration when designing your attraction strategy. From your careers site through to campus activities, every marketing activity must be inclusive of those with a disability or health condition.

During this workshop all aspects of an inclusive attraction strategy will be covered; from understanding your target market through to how to effectively communicate your messages. By the end of the workshop, delegates will be clear on the critical success factors associated with being an employer of choice for disabled students.


o Understanding your talent pool:
        * The challenges and questions of disabled applicants
        * ‘Openness’

o Key messages: what are they?

o Key messages: effective communication channels, including:
        * Your website
        * Campus events
        * Partnerships with careers services
        * Partnerships with disability services and student societies

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