People are an organisation's most important asset. In order to recruit the most competent employees, you need to select from the broadest pool of candidates, including those who have a disability. In doing so, you can harness a more diverse range of experiences and skills.

Address your skills shortages by opening your recruitment processes up to disabled talent – with 17% of the population (approximately 11 million people) and over 11% of graduates having a disability or a long-term health condition, by focusing on this disabled talent you will grow your talent pool and reach individuals you might normally miss.



Disabled individuals develop skills as a result of their disabilities.  Having a disability or long-term health condition challenges individuals to develop unique strengths and talents, giving the person something extra, a Plus. By recognising the opportunity and opening your eyes to the value disabled individuals can bring, you can fill your skills gap shortage and tap into a new talent pool.


MyPlus Consulting works with organisations to help them realise the new possibilities of hiring people with disabilities

We can help you understand what you need to do to be successful at employing and developing disabled talent. 

We can help you adapt your recruitment and your internal processes to be disability friendly. 

We can provide you access to a pool of talented disabled graduates through our MyPlus Students’ Club, where you can profile your company and advertise jobs.  

We have relationships with over 60 University Careers and Disability Services

We can work with you to provide you with the expertise to be disability confident and lead the way.  

We have worked with over 60 recognised companies such as GSK, BP, EY, Allen & Overy, Transport for London and Barclays to help them become Disability Confident. We can do the same for you

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MyPlus Consulting provides the expertise to enable you to be disability confident in your strategy, your processes and your engagement.

MyPlus Recruiters’ Club is a membership forum which helps you become an employer of choice for disabled students. The Club gives you access to a program of events, opportunities to share best practice with other members, consulting expertise, access to advice and support and brings you together with disabled students and universities via the MyPlus Students’ Club.

MyPlus Students’ Club is a website which provides students with disabilities and long-term health conditions the advice, support and confidence to find opportunities and approach progressive employers.