Resourcing: Ensuring an inclusive process

Many organisations unknowingly and unintentionally exclude disabled individuals. Barriers exist in recruitment processes which prevent at disabled applicant for successfully applying and progressing through the process.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen you must be totally confident that your resourcing process is fully inclusive. Any barriers that currently exist must be identified and removed.

One way of doing this is to audit your resourcing process. Involving the resourcing team in this process helps gain buy in to any changes that are required. In addition it can build greater understanding and confidence around disability.

In auditing your resourcing process, consider the following areas:


  • Is your website accessible?
  • Are your recruitment partners disability confident?
  • How inclusive are your marketing messages?


  • Are application forms available in different formats?
  • Are applicants able to declare mitigating circumstances regards qualifications?
  • Is there somewhere to state what adjustments they require during the recruitment process?
  • Is there an easy point of contact if assistance is required?


  • Is your screening criteria discriminatory?
  • Who screens the applications? Are they disability confident?

Interview and assessments

  • Are your hiring / interviewing managers confident to deal with, and interview, disabled candidates?
  • Are you easily able to make any required adjustments?
  • Are you able to adjust an assessment centre to ensure it is inclusive for all?
  • Are your venues accessible?

Confidence of hiring / interviewing managers

  • Are managers confident around disabled people?
  • Will they see past the disability and focus on capability?
  • Are they aware of what they can / cannot ask during the interview?

Confidence of resourcing team

  • Are the resourcing team confident to support disabled applicants through the process
  • Are they knowledgeable regards implementing required adjustments
  • Are they confident to support the hiring line managers?

Additional Considerations

If you are really serious about tapping into the talent pool of disabled individuals, there are some additional key things to consider. These include:

  • Confidence of the individual
  • Reluctance to declare a disability
  • A lack of qualifications and / or work experience
  • Understanding their requirements

For your resourcing process to be considered fully inclusive you must be confident that all of the areas outlined above are barrier free. Only when you are confident that you have addressed all of these areas will you begin to make real headway in attracting and recruiting disabled individuals.