Being Disability Confident

Be aware of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and what constitutes a disability. At a very basic/minimum level you need to be knowledgeable of the DDA and what is covered by it to ensure that you are taking all relevant action.

Understand your target audience

As with any target group, in order to effectively target graduates with disabilities you need to understand them.Where are they studying? What are they studying? How do you most effectively reach them?

Ensure your recruitment process is fair

Audit your resourcing process from ‘’end to end’’ to ensure that it is fair, and identify any barriers which potentially exist.

Ability to make “reasonable adjustments”

Ensure you have an effective reasonable adjustment process in order that you can efficiently make any adjustments that a candidate may require.

Disability Confident Personnel

Ensure that all those involved in the resourcing process are comfortable and confident in speaking and dealing with graduates who may have a disability.

Accurate Monitoring

Accurately monitoring graduates with disabilities who apply and progress through the process will not only allow you to measure success, but will also enable you to identify any barriers which may exist in the process.