Disability Confidence 

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Disability Confident Student Recruitment: Recruiters Toolkit

The MyPlus Student Recruitment Toolkit focuses on tangible actions that you can put in place to enhance your ability to attract and retain talented candidates with disabilities. For each stage of the recruitment process it highlights good practise and advice; it provides a framework and checklists that will tackle common challenges faced by many organisations. 


It is vital to create a strategy that focuses on awareness, effective communication and action as you plan for success. 


Proactively demonstrating your commitment will enable disabled candidates to have confidence in your organisation. 


Creating fair and open access is critical to recruiting talented candidates with disabilities. 


Establish clear and consistent guidelines for screening applications where a disability or mitigating circumstances has been flagged. 

Providing support and reasonable adjustments 

Ensure your organisation has a straightforward process to provide support for candidates with disabilities, working in partnership with each individual to find the right solutions

Interviews and Assessment Centres 

Enable candidates with disabilities to take part in the same interview days and assessment centres as everyone else to facilitate consistent assessment and a fair comparison with their peers. 


Involve the manager in dialogue around providing support for the new hire and agreeing specific adjustments. 

Disability confidence 

Creating an open mindset and the confidence to engage in conversation will help you to achieve success. 

The full-length Disability Confident Student Recruitment Guide is available to MyPlus Recruiters' Club members. For more information on becoming a MyPlus Recruiters' Club member have a look at our Recruiters' Club page or email info@myplusconsulting.com