Sainsbury's: Disabled Customer Experience Audit

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Sainsbury’s is operating in a competitive market and recognises the need to be able to provide all their customers with excellent service; this includes those who are disabled. In order to better understand how to serve disabled customers Sainsbury’s wished to assess the customer journey for customers with disabilities in order to identify opportunities for change and improvement.


The objectives of the audit were to review the current service offer for people with disabilities in the main stores and local outlets.

The entire customer journey was assessed from first approaching the store, whether on foot or by car, through moving around the store and finally to leaving the premises. In addition to shopping in the store, the individuals also visited facilities such as the café, the toilet facilities and the petrol station. Individuals with different disabilities assessed the journey.

In total 34 stores were audited in the London and Brighton area; these include Local and Main stores.


The ‘mystery shoppers’ were asked to audit up to 16 different areas of the store and backstage areas. As well as noting their observations they were also asked to engage in conversations with staff by asking for assistance and support relating to their disability.

The Outcome

The findings of the audit were presented to Sainsbury’s in a detailed feedback report highlighting good practice as well as areas that caused concern. MyPlus Consulting worked with Sainsbury’s to use the findings to design and implement Disability Confidence Training for Sainsbury’s colleagues. This training was part of the preparations that Sainsbury’s made ahead of their sponsorship of the 2012 Paralympic Games.