Lloyds: Research into How Disabled Graduates Search for Jobs

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Lloyds Banking Group is a major recruiter of talent; a key objective of LBG is to be a diverse organisation and to take an inclusive approach to attracting, recruiting and retaining employees. This includes individuals who have a disability or long term health condition.

In order to successfully engage with graduates who have a disability or long term health condition Lloyds Banking Group recognised the need to market themselves as an employer of choice for disabled graduates. To successfully do this Lloyds Banking Group wanted to understand how this group of people searches for graduate jobs. The information collated would then be used to tailor their marketing activities to be most effective.


The aim of the research project was to find out how graduates with a disability or long term health condition search for graduate jobs. The areas to be researched included:

  • Understanding how disabled graduates search for jobs.
  • Importance of messaging on employer websites.
  • Concerns around applying to prestigious organisations.
  • How concerns can best be addressed.
  • Views on Lloyds Banking Group as a graduate recruiter.


To achieve robust data it was crucial to gain input to the research from as many disabled graduates as possible. To achieve quantitative data an online survey was used. This was distributed to respondents using various channels including university careers services, university disability services and milkround.com.

To provide a greater depth of understanding to the results collated from the online survey focus groups were also conducted.

The Outcome

1,509 individuals completed the online survey. The findings of the research were presented to Lloyds Banking Group along with recommendations on what this meant for their graduate marketing and engagement strategy.